15 march 2017


#14 Jorn de Précy, The Lost Garden

A passionate and even political memoir, a contemporary challenge through a vibrant and modern language, which Jorn de Précy invites us to: create gardens!

Real gardens, of course, indomitable, outlaw places. Gardens listening to the genius loci, where to find the true humanity that man will have to go back learning, creating with nature.

Yes, there are still enchanted shelters in this world, far from the perversions of civilization, in which we can find the dialogue and familiarity with nature, what makes us human and worthy of the good that life offers.

Go through gardens, in those abandoned and wild, and here’s a long list: Sceaux, Kelmscott, the Italian gardens, cradle of each poem, up to Greystone, the garden re-created by the author. Real places where the presence we perceive when we come in awakens something in us, calls us, maybe was waiting for us.
Go there but above all re-create them: wild gardens, always bustling, a concentrated of life.

Uninterrupted vital luxury (the Tao of the Chinese wise men, the Way, everything is in the Tao and trying to get away from Tao is just cause of unhappiness), the time of the garden is that of life that roots us in the here and now.

A slow, sweet, eternal present pregnant of Beauty. Create your wild garden and let yourself go, finding, without even realising it, the unity of your being.

Have yourself a Good Rebirth and a Pleasant Reading!

Jorn de Précy, The Lost Garden
Italian edition: Saggi Ponte delle Grazie

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