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26 april 2018


Botanical Shakespeare

“Nature herself was proud of his designs, and joy’d to wear the dressing if his lines”
Ben Jonson- First Folio of Shakespeare

A stunning collection of flowers, fruits, herbs and trees mentioned in Shakespeare’s works, illustrated by the japanese artist Sumiè Hasegawa-Collins, who traced beautiful designs.

The botanical expert Gerit Quealy enriched the beautiful images with information, creating a real compendium of plants. The aim of the book is to put a “face”, as the Author says, with the plant name, paired with the attendant quotes, alphabetically reunited.

The only problem with Shakespeare, Quealy says, is that he is so familiar that he’s too familiar! “Even little kids seem to know –to be or not to be- even if they don’t know why or how; it’s grained with the culture.” As by Poet Robert Graves “The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he’s really very good…in spite of all the people who says he’s very good.”

This enchanting collection is also enriched by the introduction of Helen Mirren where she says that “this graceful volume is the marriage of Shakespeare’s words about plants and the plants themselves.” Enjoy your reading!

Gerit Quealy
An illustrated compendium
Illustrated by Sumiè Hasegawa-Collins
Foreword by Helen Mirren

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26 april 2018


Euroflora and Nervi Parks

The traditional Euroflora leaves the fair in Genoa to choose the suggestive Nervi parks! Falls of plants in flower, cut flowers, installations, restaurants and childen playgrounds in one of the most beautiful parks in Italy and Europe, that unfortunately has been suffering several damages caused by last years' tornadoes.

Leaned out on the sea and surrounded by green hills, the Parks enumerate three historical villas -Villa Groppallo, Villa Saluzzo Serra and Villa Grimaldi - each adorned by romantic gardens, at times expressign the English style, at times the Italian one.

Between pines and araucarias, nearby to olive trees, cedars, pepper trees and oleanders, the spectacular kermesse takes place, this year inspired by the four natural elements, and also, on the example of the Milanese Design Week, it will also stir among the streets with numerous appointments, special openings, shows and laboratories. We particularly underline the homage to painter Maria Giulia Drago, who is from Nervi, at the Gallery of Modern Art and "Flora's Garden" at Strada Nuova Museums, a path to discover the meaning of plants and flowers in the collections of art.

No excuses to discover this magic spot of Italy!

Euroflora Festival
21th April-6th May
tickets (23 euros) available on

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26 april 2018


Orange Blossoms

Our Eau Fraiche is perfect for this gorgeous period, as it is based on an accord of Tomato leaves and Orange blossoms.

It’s easy to see the orange tree in the gardens or also in the city balconies, not only for its delicious aroma, but also because it is a decorative plant that doesn't need particular care, and that can be cultivated anywhere because it doesn't fear the cold, though it is a typical Mediterranean plant. Many don't know that the tree of orange flowers was born from an intersection, probably between the grapefruit and the mandarin, but later it affirmed as an autonomous kind, the citrus sinensis of the Rutaceae family.

The flowers of the orange tree, as other inflorescences, are formed by differentiation of the apex of a spring whose leaves lost the “photosintetic” ability.
During this exact period the tree shows the marvelous flowers constituted by the white little petals. Often known as "the brides' flowers" because they symbolize purity and innocence, the flowers of orange tree release an intense and pleasant perfume. It seems that back to the times of the crusades the flowers were employed for decorating the suits of the brides and it is narrated that they were gifted to the brides as wish of prosperity. The flowers of the orange tree are used in perfumes and have also therapeutic properties, since from the flowers it is drawn a water known for being soothing and calming, a perfect remedy for stress and insomnia.

The flowers of the bitter orange tree are also used in phitotherapy for their digestive properties. Finally, only bitter orange flowers are commonly used in confectionery preparations to perfume and to make even more tasty cakes and sweets. Have yourself a Happy Spring!

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14 march 2018


Festival of Silence

Perfomance, signs and fun as a new form of communication? This is the stimulus, the “food for thought” offered by the Festival of Silence. Under the artistic direction of Rita Mazza, an Italian native artist now residing in Berlin, the Festival of Silence in its first edition offers- for the first time in Italy - performances and artistic forms that use sign language, with the aim of creating a true integration between hearing and not, through quality and international performances, another characterizing element as it calls off its own linguistic barriers in favor of the original “sign language”.
The Festival of Silence will be a party, a discovery, pure entertainment, in a climate of strong physical, intellectual, emotional stimulation. Workshops, exhibitions, projections and activites, free and upon reservation, will alternate between parties and also a dejeneur sur l'herbe is programmed for Sunday, all in the name of a sound to be rediscovered. In such a chaotic time, silence can turn out to be revolutionary and, in any case, certainly, a real Rebirth experience!

FESTIVAL DEL SILENZIO (Festival of Silence)
Dal 16/03 al 18/03
Fabbrica del vapore
Via procaccini 4

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