13 january 2018


Frida Kahlo. Beyond the myth

On February 1st the exhibition “Frida Kahlo. Beyond the myth” officially opened at MUDEC, a project which results of six years of researches, curated by the passionate Diego Sileo. For the first time, thanks to Tender to Art, all the works of the Museum Dolores Olmedo and of the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection, the two most important and rich collections of Frida Kahlo in the world, will be in Italy, together with some international renowned museums which lent some masterpieces by the Mexican artist, never seen in our Country. A show focused on the artistic work more than on the “icon”, which unfolds in 4 sections: the Woman, the Earth, the Politics, the Pain.

The Woman section shows Frida Kahlo, the first woman artist who made her own body a manifesto, who exposed her own femininity in a direct, explicit, at times violent way and irreversibly revolutionized the female role in art history. The second section, Earth, reminds us that Frida Kahlo was always identified with her Land and in her work she gradually developed a new interest for the elements of the nature, establishing a series of relationships. The third section faces the political side, indissolubly tied up to Frida’s entire work. Social resistance and opposition, although never ideological.

The last section, in the end, is devoted to Pain. The art of Frida Kahlo is marked from a powerful and expressive pictorial quality and from violent images that inevitably flow in a true iconography of pain: its images are so powerful and able to instill uneasiness, anxiety, fear and horror. It is impossible to be indifferent.

Going "beyond the myth" is the real objective of this rich Milanese exhibition, that is going beyond the superficial vision of the relationship between the life and the work of the Mexican artist, showing that for a serious and deep analysis of her poetic it is necessary to push further the narrow limits of biography and to go over that consolidated myth, fed by last decades’s fashion. The Milanese date will underline how Frida Kahlo still hides many secrets and it will tell - through unpublished documents disclosed in 2007 in the secret archive of Casa Azul (the artist's home in Mexico City) and other important documents - new keys of reading its production. A brave, free, sincere, woman bearer of a so contemporary, revolutionary and powerful message. Have a Great Rebirth!

Beyond the myth
Mudec – Museo delle Culture di Milano
Via Tortona 56
February 1st-June 3th -2018

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