01 june 2017


Dialogue in the dark: you don’t have to see to look far away

Since 2005 in Milan, there is a special and truly magical experience, a sensory path without a sense, that of vision, but by no means less exciting and interesting.

In the wonderful venue of The Blind Institute (Istituto dei Ciechi) in via Vivaio, anyone of us can take a-hour-long journey in total darkness, transforming simple everyday gestures into an extraordinary experience. Whether it's a coffee or a walk, the total absence of light in the environment changes our way of dealing with space and objects, forcing us to "see" with the touch, the hearing, the taste and the smell.

Small groups of visitors, guided by a blind person, explore different environments (including a bar) immersed in total darkness and comment on the situations in which they are. Here, the individual's ability to discover new dimensions, to experience the intensity of flavours and fragrances comes out, in the lack of light. In this way, one can understand that life, though confused and disconcerting, always reserves a chance of knowledge, and that the light of heart and mind reach what eyes cannot. Thanks, Milan.

Dialogo nel Buio
(Dialogue in the dark) is held at the Blind Institute in Milan (Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano) - via Vivaio 7
T: 02 77 22 62 10
email: dialogonelbuio@istciechimilano.it (email is just for queries, booking are accepted only via phone)

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